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Enhancements to RCP/JFace controls

When it comes to fill forms by users, input and selection speed of the user is critical. Typical text controls or date picker are easy to use, but often reduce the speed to enter the data.

That’s why I’ve developed some decorations and helpers to increase input speed as you can see in the demo video below (ca. 120 sec.). It also includes helpers to speed up writing all of the boring databinding code.

Download: de.vielsichtig.jfaceUtils_1.0.1.jar [60.10KB]

The utilities are tested currently against Eclipse 3.3. They are published under the Eclipse Public Licence and can be downloaded using the public subversion repository.

Username: nobody.
Password: nobody

If you want to use the controls, take a look at the project de.vielsichtig.jfaceutils.demo. It includes all the simple code in order to use the controls and decorations.

If you have questions or if you want to get involved, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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